Inspiring stories

In the Netherlands, automotive recycling is well organised. When account managers at ARN tell their discussion partners that in 2016, in the Netherlands, we were able to recover and reuse 98.7% of the weight of end-of-life cars, the response is often one of disbelief. But their statement is nonetheless true.

The car is the most recycled of all consumer products. It is truly fascinating to put the chain on show and to see people’s faces when they learn how we have successfully solved the challenges facing us. What happens when a car is handed in?

  • Who dismantles an end-of-life vehicle?
  • What does the lab at ARN test for?
  • How is a Li-ion battery safely dismantled from a car?
  • Who operates the shredder?
  • Why is it so difficult to separate plastic residues from iron?

Shared passion
This publication presents fifteen stories from fifteen inspired employees. Although all the people we have portrayed here play a different role in the chain, they all share a passion for cars and a passion for a clean world. Their photographs and stories show how each part of the chain is linked together and reveal the progress already achieved.

Innovative capacity
Van Gils senior from Nootdorp earned his money from breaking up cars. His sons have converted the car dismantling company into an online parts shop. An excellent example of innovation. That same innovation has in fact given birth to entirely new branches, for example Autobedrijf Peter Ursem in Zwaag, where batteries are given a second life.
Recycling is the subject of much discussion. In the end, however, it is above all a question of buckling down and doing business. Take a look.