Working towards high-value recycling

Innovation in the automotive recycling sector is essential to support the circular economy. ARN are the recycling experts in the mobility sector. We strive constantly to achieve innovation in the recycling of cars and batteries. Our mission is to bring about high-value recycling, with a sound balance between costs, recycling performance and CO2 footprint.

The result of our efforts is clearly visible: we have already efficiently achieved and even exceeded the statutory 95% recycling target. In 2016, 185,740 end-of-life vehicles were processed within the ARN network, and a total of almost 57 million kg of material was dismantled and responsibly processed.

Cooperation that works
Our primary task is to fulfil the manufacturers’ responsibility for end-of-life cars and batteries. We do this in collaboration will all our chain

partners, because the recycling of cars is a joint task. All links in the chain contribute, including the collection companies, processing companies and the intermediate traders. We attach huge importance to a positive relationship with our stakeholders.

A sustainable society
Contributing to a sustainable society is in our DNA. Responsible and efficient recycling is the reason for our existence. Our contribution to the circular economy includes supporting businesses throughout the automotive recycling chain to further professionalise their performance, and achieve more sustainable business practice. We help garages and consumers to responsibly dispose of their old cars. We also strive to achieve a level playing field in the recycling chain. We have been involved in these activities for more than twenty years, with the eventual aim of efficiently achieving the 95% recycling target. This report describes our efforts in that process in 2016.