Complete recycling of cars, without any damage to the living environment

Seen from space, the earth is a blue ball, teeming with life and water. Astronaut and physicist Wubbo Ockels could talk endlessly about it. Shortly before his death in 2014, he wrote an urgent letter to humanity.

Ockels argued, “The problem is that Humanity needs to find a sustainable balance with its environment, with our home the planet Earth and its Nature. The answer is a new global awareness of Humanity, Nature and Earth as an inseparable entity.” We embrace his ideas.

A vital responsibility
We have reached the point at which more than 95% of end-of-life vehicles by weight, are given a meaningful and sustainable new use. This does not mean we have reached the end of the road. Technical developments constantly present us with new challenges. High-end technology is sometimes ideally suited for reuse. More often, however, it is necessary to find a new perspective.

Collaborating on a new reality
ARN works alongside the entire automotive recycling chain. We support individual businesses in further professionalising their practice, and partly thanks to our expertise, manufacturing industry is increasingly capable of employing more high-value recycled materials in new products.

We could celebrate these successes. However, to constantly remain one step ahead of developments in the automotive industry, we prefer to continue our work, so that consumers and garages can be confident in donating their cars to an industry that in the future uses, reuses or reprocesses every component into a new, high-quality raw material.

We believe in the complete recycling of cars without any damage to the living environment. What is not yet possible today, we aim to make possible in the future.